It could be worse

Local elections yesterday and the PDL – Berlusconis party took less than 10% of the vote in many communes.  He announced (from Russia – he’s gone to see his mate Putin sworn in), that ‘I thought it would be worse’.   How phlegmatic.  Behind the scenes however, all is not rosy.  The lizard Alfano is now, according to B, not electable as leader of the PdL and he is canvassing opinion for a new vote catcher.  This would be Italys first female party leader – a laudable aim, were it not for the fact that it comes in the form of Daniela Santanche – see previous posts – who is a fishwife, stupid and offensive.

The local elections saw the rise and rise of the 5 stelle party – under the leadership of Beppe Grillo – a left wing comic.  Here you have to imagine Ben Elton in the 1980s leading an anti political party, and getting 40 or 50 seats in parliament.  Imagine question time?!

What the supporters of grillo conveniently fail to note is that its very easy to be in opposition.  Grillo tells the politicians to F off – in his V days, and announced last week that politicians are worse than the mafia – (not terribly intelligent).  Their policy is to have no policy, just to slag off all the others – which is funny sometimes, until you imagine them having to make decisions that affect our lives.  As a protest vote its useful- at least it might make the career politicians work for their vast amounts of money.

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