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So Berlusconi has a busy week.  His pal is trying (again) to get the law changed to get Berlo out of the Ruby trial.  This time its presenting an amendment whereby the law on ‘concussion’ will be only valid if it is for monetary gain.  Money is about the only thing Berlo doesn’t need, so the trial will collapse.  Shameful though that all of this time and energy being spent on this when there are 17000 earthquake homeless, and a shattered economy.

Not content with ignoring the peoples’ plight Berlo has had another bright idea.  His ‘big’ new idea was that the President of Italy should be elected by popular vote and not by parliamentarians, in a double vote – based on French lines.  This would of course need a change to the constitution to get it through.  The PResident is a figure of stability in a crazy Italy, so having one elected by people so thick as ‘voters’ would be asking for trouble.   Of course Berlo says this is for the good of the country – as though he knows anything about democracy – and he would not stand for president – ‘unless his party asked him to’.  Of course we all know enough about Berlo to know that if the PDL didn’t ask him to stand, he would just go and create another party, and another, and another, until he created one that pleaded with him to stand as president.  Then, as there are no spending limits on elections in Italy, BErlo would chuck many fistfuls of money at the problem until he was elected.  His problems solved – the president has immunity from prosecution – and his acolytes placed in position.  The most galling thing of all is a) BErlo thinks we can’t see through his pathetic scheme and 2) it is highly probable that he would win an election as president because he would buy the votes.  Lets be honest, ITaly is not ready for a true democracy.

And then theres Mr Montezemolo – the head of Ferrari and a bit of a Michael HEseltine figure – with the blue rinses.  He is actively thinking about hitting the campaign trail and setting up a new centre – centre – right caring sharing party.  From zero to elections in 15 months.   luca.jpg

He will do well – because he is the head of Ferrari and the Italian mentality is – he can run a company so he can run a country – which rather worryingly brings to mind the Thatcher/housewife/housekeeping argument of 35 years ago.

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