What a rubbish day

So, as all Italy vibrates under a constant series of earthquakes, Monti has decided to sell of the public buildings.  Who the heckety is going to buy a town hall which will collapse next week?

They pass the law on corruption which finally will stop a guilty criminal standing for parliament, but from 2018.  Another 5 years to feather your illegally built nest.

Spain has to find 28 billion to help Spain – but with the spread here it means borrowing at 5.5% to lend to Spain at 3% under BCE rules, so not exactly helping Italy get out of its mess.

The flight of money north continues.  Spain down 5%, Greece down 30%, Itlay unofficially down 10% and guess what Germany up 637% so nice to know that the country that barks the orders is doing very nicely thank you out of all this self inflicted mess.


Author: rammers

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