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After the story of Voldemort Sallusti yesterday, the real author of the piece finally broke his silence.  The writer was not Voldemort himself but a PDL MP called Farini.  This disgraceful person owned up after watching someone else being sentenced for his appalling journalism and personal vendetta.   Now we know why.  Farini was Anonymous, or rather Dreyfus – because after writing another scurrilous piece for Libero, the man was thrown out of the journalists union and therefore cannot write under his own name.  Voldemort at this point allows a nonjourno to write a defamatory piece in his paper and then stands by it – they both deserve every day in prison they ought to get.

Meanwhile Mr Toad is warming to his theme of populist twat.

Yesterday we had these gobbets of wisdon –

1. Merkel is authoritarian and needs a slap

2. Germany tells us what to do – lets tell em where to get off

3. The euro isnt nice because nobody takes any notice of me.  We should leave the euro and have the lira back like 12 years ago..

4. Equitalia (the state debt collection agency) is guilty of extorsion and is a thief.

5. If he is elected he will immediately get rid of council tax.

So Mr Toad picks the 3 vote winners.  next no doubt he will be promising  Iphone 5s to everyone.

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