That was a week that was

I dont know where to begin.  There have been so many scandals and stories of Italian naughtiness that it was impossible to keep up.  So here’s my pick of the bunch –

fiorito.jpgThe Oliver Hardy tub of lard Fiorito, is in jail for spending public money with aplomb.  When he was finally handcuffed last week it transpired that as well as his BMW X5 and his Smart, he went shopping on the day it snowed in Rome last winter.  The first snow in the capital for 20 years, that gave it fine white dusting for a few hours, somehow justified Olly to go and buy a Jeep for 35000 euros to cope with the inclement weather.

The agency which recovered bad debts for 100 Italian communes, never got round to paying the money recovered.  instead its director had pocketed 120 million euros.

The PD – the not so new New Labour party of Italy is having its primaries.  The rules say that only the leader can stand for election – so not exactly democratic.  They had to have a special meeting to decide that Matteo Renzi can oppose the sitting leader, Bersani.

Mr Monti seems to have been giving all the choice appointments of ‘ombudsmen’ to his mates – who all seem to be freemasons or Opus Dei.  Someone blew the whistle on some magistrates who were freemasons – (not allowed) – they got off scot free while the whistleblower faced disciplinary action for blowing his whistle.   In the meantime the government has decided that the Church cannot pay IMU (council tax) – strange given that 6 months ago he was all for it – when there was a public outcry.

And on the subject of the Church – the Popes butler got sentenced – they say he will be pardoned by his Nibs.  If not of course he will be put in an Italian jail, paid for by the Italian tax system – which considering the Vatican state is wholly independent seems a little unfair that a trial in another country for a crime committed in another country should be paid for by us.

La Polverini – Dusty – the outgoing president of Lazio has decided that new election will not take place within the 90 days required by law – which of course leaves her getting her salary nicely into the New Year with all the perks that go with it… Jan 1 being the new financial year.

Enough already.

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