Stumbles at the first.

So Mr Toad was to stand up in parliament yesterday and lambast Monti, a clear start to his election campaign, but at the last minute he bottled it and sent the lapdog Alfano to do his bidding.   Poor Silvio doesnt know what to do – he doesnt want to bring down Monti with a no confidence vote, because that will make him look irresponsible and desperate, but he is deeply worried that Monti and the president of the Republic could cook up something between them that could stop him getting parliament dissolved and election in early March.

In the meantime, S&P announced they would be thinking about a reclassification of Italy for the ‘after Monti’ – which bodes ill.  10 MP’s of the PDL had the guts/gall to vote in favour of the government instead of abstain the other day. Why? Because the Vatican has let it be known that it is not in favour of a Berlo return, so certain mps do as they are told – after all it is the Vatican that really runs the country.

Mr Mr Toad is in a bit of a tail spin – his minions have taken to twitter – because he has two verdicts to come, one for Rubygate which if the concusssione is proved means unelectable, and the other for intercepting phone calls of his enemies – which is serious for a man who rails against interception of phone calls as an injustice that must be made illegal.    A guilty vote in either would just about stimie his chances of a comeback, but B is convinced that if the verdicts come in the middle of an election campaign, he can make them seem politically motivated and then, when in power, simply change the law.

It’s going to be an interesting advent…

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