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Berlusconi has ordered his servile horde to abstain on two votes today, one in the senate where an abstention counts as a ‘no’ and one in the ‘commons’.  THe PDL has effectively voted against the law on growth and the the law on development, all a precursor to a hefty no on  the upcoming law on incandidability for felons – and this is the nub, as Mr Toad will be counted as a felon, if not this year, then next.  Of course there will be a ‘no’ abstention for the new electoral law which would require deputies to be voted for, and not parachuted into parliament by the parties.   Desperate scrabbling by all and sundry to keep him in the game.  It’s sickening, if it weren’t the perfect gift to the Grillos M5S – who want ‘clean lists’ and a new electoral law.

And things get darker, as nearly all parties are working hard to find a way to make Grillo’s M5S candidates ineligible for election.  THey are now saying that any movement/party must have a protocol and formal association, something that Grillo has avoided saying he is presiding over a popular movement.  They will all no doubt do everything possible to try and stimie the protest vote which now stands at going on 25% according to the polls.

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