make mine a double

The elected representatives of the PDL and Lega in Lombardy have been naughty.  We wait to see if all the other parties are in it up to their necks, but its a fair bet they are.   Their collectiveness naughtiness lies in teh reclaiming of expenses from party fund – (ie party funs given by central government, ie – taxpayers money).  It seems that voted and unvoted ‘advisors’ have been a bit free and easy with the slush funds, asking for rebates for, amongst other things, petrol, coffees, snacks, fags, dvds, ipads, ipods, telephones, oysters, meals out, meals in, meals and so on.  Remember la Minetti – the blown up dental nurse the Berlusconi dropped into an ample ‘armchair’ in the Lombardy parliament – she’s been claiming everything back on the exes – including a copy of the book  – ‘whoreocracy’ in which she features heavily.   When asked about it, she wanted if know if she had to pay back 16 euros – but in a rather sarcastic way.   Then theres the son of Bossi, the famous ‘Trout’ renowned for his dimness and look of utter density.  He claimed back for all his booze fags and petrol.   So there’s another scandal just in time for the elections….

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