The return of the Mummy

The pro-Monti PDL had a rally yesterday afternoon, and to steal their thunder Steptoe decided to appear on one of his own channels at exactly the same time.  Interviewed by a tame ‘journalist’ he gave full vent to his version of reality, which increasingly seem to be rantings of a man with the onset of alzheimers.

The prescripted questions were of the ‘ what has made you very unhappy?’, ‘Have you got a girlfriend?’ type – and Berlo let us have the full act:

His recent sentence for tax evasion  – all untrue – despite the written and telephone evidence to the contrary, and with no mention of offshore accounts, it was a political decision.

Rubygate – he was sorry – he was lonely.  Ruby herself presented a story about being thrown out by her parents and he gave her the money – 58000 euros to set up a beauty clinic.  Omitted in his version – why Ruby was in his house, and all mention of the abuse of power which is the crux of the case.

Monti – he’s asked MOnti to stand, thats how reasonable he is – except that Berlo would remain president with Monti doing his bidding.

Yes he’s got a girlfriend – she’s 27 years old. He is 76.

Then a political broadcast – he will cancel IMU (council tax), and lower taxes – exactly the same promises as last time.  He has ain fact promised to lower taxes since 1993 – but has failed to do so every time.

The only real conclusion that one can draw is that he should sack his make up artist, who has made him look like a waxwork.

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