the maya were wrong…. weren’t they?

Now it seems that Monti may not stand after all .  He’s been cut to the quick by the nasty words of other politicians and now he may stay home and sulk.  Mr Toad has been up on high horse complaining that Monti hasnt even picked upt the phone to call him – All of which bodes ill for the geographical expression, as Bersani and the Pd will quickly piss away any advantage and become embroiled in some bitter internecine warfare, and lose pathetically to Mr Toad who is promising everything to everyone in the hope of winning once more.  The nano-memories of the electorate will ensure that after appearing on tv daily for the next two months, Steptoe will swan his way back into Palazzo Chigi and we are all doomed for the next 4 years. Unless his pacemaker gives out.

The NRA say that to stop gun crime we need more guns – thats an Italian political argument  if ever there was one,  and so to follow on the logic, it can only be a matter of time till the head honcho’s in the NRA are gunned down outside their homes, which will polarise exactly who are the good guys in all this.

In the meantime, it seems that the pathetic scroungers in Lombardy, including Renzo Bossi have added more claims to their expenses – in his case, personalised tooth brushes and all his traffic fines.

happy new year one and all = 2013 cant get worse than this

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