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Uncle Steptoe has begun the election campaign on his own.  It helps that he is the owner of half the terrestrial tv stations in ITaly, as he is using them as his platform for the election.   Sunday saw him talk for an interminable hour on Domenica In, and yesterday – to coincice with ROberto Benigni’s discourse on the Italian constitution on Rai – Toad took over the 5th column on Rete 4 to talk for a further hour about German hegemony, taxes, and all hte usual hobby horses.  It promises to be a long winter if the living dead are to take over the airwaves every night.

The exisiting electoral law – the dogs breakfast – as it translates – gives Mr Toad an advantage – which probably explains why he did everything in his power to frustrate its amendment.  Given the fact that teh Lega do not want Silvio as PM, and that 3 mad old women in Lombardy do – he can legitimately – under the law – candidate himself as head of the coalition but not necessarily as PM – letting everyone think that it will be their favourite who becomes PM in the end…

Happy bleedin Xmas and hope that the New YEar, brings a glimmer of hope for right thinking people.

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