So we’re back to square one – the nasty Minzolini – remember the boss of TG1 who spent 60 grand on his company credit card on stuff for himself, and then got absolved because it didnt say that he couldnt use public money to go shopping, now wants his job back.   As we are in Italy, he will go to court where the employment judges will order his reintegration, he will get his full salary and never do a days work.   Humbug.

Other square ones – Steptoe is now promising everything, even more than Beppe Grillo which is pushing it a bit.  Im expecting a cure for cancer by lunchtime.   Grillo is promising the complete dismantling of the state, a mantling for a welfare state which has hitherto not existed and death to all people who dont agree with him.  Thus far, in 3 years, he has never answered a question.  He just shouts.  He’s very good at it – on Saturday he shouted at 50.000 people in the main square in Turin, 30.000 in Genova on Sunday and no doubt 100.000 photoshopped supporters tonight.  But he just shouts.  Everyone else is running scared – he is a threat to democracy they say, especially Berlo who wouldnt know democracy if it hit him in the mouth in the shape of the Milan Duomo,  because if he comes 3rd as is now predicted – then parliament will be completely blocked.

Old Mr Toad is having a tantrum about RAI – apparently its favouring the other candidates, whereas his tv stations don’t even bother making the pretence that there are other candidates – its just Silvio from morning till night.  There are appointments to made in RAI – 121 vice directors by tomorrow night, and now Toad is doing his best to postpone it all until after hte election, when – if he wins – he can put all his mates there, thereby having complete control over the entire media (except SKY).  I see more models of Italian churches being bought.

Bersani is harrumphing and haahing – saying things like ‘Ragazzi, non è che  è mica male’   which roughly translates as a Tony Blairish ‘Look’ lads, its not as if its that bad innit?’   Desperate blokeyism which fails on every level.  And which therefore leaves, Monti – who is lambasted by all and sundry for introducing the council tax (even though it was actually Berlo and Tremonti),  and will not win – and is in league with the repulsively hypocritical catholic Casini who should be put inside a model of a duomo and then thrown somewhere.  Result being that anyone who thinks Monti is honest and trustworthy only has to look at the prat of a running mate to see that we aint goin nowhere fast.

Lets see what today brings, but I fear Toad will win it – and then  the Italians will have what they so richly deserve.  Its just that I cant bear to see that smug face all over the tv if he wins, its just so bleedin smug – now wheres my model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa..

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