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Silvio went on telly last night – obviously on his channels – to mobilise the faithful to protest against the democratic cancer of the judiciary.  Nice.  To keep us up to speed with his legal cases he decided to announce his verdict on everything.

MEdiaset – he accused of avoiding 3 million in tax.  Apparently this doesnt matter because he pays alot in tax and its a low percentage.  therefore the case is politically motivated.

Buying off a senator and making Prodi’s government fall in 2006.  – Its obviously a communist plot, and they forced De Gregori to say these things under the threat of being sent to prison.  (To his benefit De Gregori then clarified the situation saying that he made all the statements of his own free will)

Ruby – a communist plot to despoil his private life.  HE is a grandfather and engaged after all.  Except that the grandchild and fiancee appeared just in time for the election campaign and werent around at the time of his ‘lying’ to the police.

Sending his election letter promising a rebate on council tax – its a communist plot.

So thats all nice and clear then, its the communists what did it.

The first person to sign up for the anti judiciary demo is Minzolini the ex head of RAI who got caught spending 60 grand of licence payers money on his credit card.. ‘There is a problem with the judiciary’ he says – and he’s right – they dont send the guilty to prison.

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