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All of Toad’s trials have come to a grinding halt as he has been hospitalised with an itchy eye.  For over a week poor Uncle Steptoe has been lashed to a trolley in the corridor of some underfunded hospital neglected by nursing staff and left to dehydrate in a draughty corridor.  Oh no – he’s a multi billionaire, so he’s in a cushy hospital suite with an itchy eye.  Apparently its not even conjunctivitis any more but something much more serious – uveitis – which necessitates complete isolation and an inability to go to court and provide witness statements for the three trials against him.   For some reason the judges are a bit suspicious of this life threatening illness and sent a team to check it out – cue tirade against the magistrates and judicial system.

Then the usually intelligent PResident of the Republic got in on the act adn said that Dom Toad shouldnt be denied his leagl right to be an important parliamentary presence – that is, he may be guilty as hell but we dont want the fuss.  As he could be arrested at any moment for buying off parliamentarians it may be a bit late.   In the meantime there is alot of sound and furry signifying, well not alot frankly.

Poor Bersani – cant cobble together a government for love nor money – its rather shocking actually.  In the UK when Dave half won, he was in No 10 and changing the crockery within a couple of minutes.  Here, its more sedate.  Election on 24 Feb, and lets see if Bersani can have an idea by 20th March.  Thats a month to realise he hasnt got many friends.   Anyway, Renzi has just about chucked his hat into the ring, (so its a fair bet that teh next time round in a few months, Bersani will be long gone.

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