Its democracy, but not as we know it

DOM Silvio is getting hot under his collar.  Its not the uveitus you understand which results in him going round in dark glasses like a very inferior mafia henchman, its this bloody thing called democracy.   Poor love, you can understand his predicament.  He loses an election and nobody will do as he says.  The coalition – what won it, chooses the presidents of the commons and the senate, and neither are friends of Mr Toad.  Now, to cap it all it seems that the election of a new President of the Republic wont be handed to Steptoe on a plate, and it just may be that the left – ie the winners – choose the new president because they have – wait for it …….. a majority.

This of course is totally unacceptable.  Democracy is fine for the little people, but Mr BSD Berlo wants his cake and to stuff it in his capacious gob – so he is crying foul.  If he cannot choose the president of the republic he is going to scream and scream until he is sick  – which will involve a few mad old biddies in fur coats standing in a piazza professing love for the lacquered old twat – or as he calls it a ‘national protest against the judiciary’.

And of course here is the nubbety nub –  the minority that is Berlo and his cronies cannot hope to vote against his arrest when the order comes – and how ignominious is that going to be?  Plus there is the law on conflict of interest – which Berlo has said yesterday ‘has nothing to do with me’ – and finally – finally – finally – it seems that the law of 1957 banning people for standing for parliament who have a national concession (ie tv channel) has just been read and understood.  People who can read have been saying it for 25 years, but nobody in power took any notice – and now, lo and behold – they’ve dusted it off and are preparing a load of people with designer prams to stand in a piazza and demand stuff.

In the meantime there is no government.

Author: rammers

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