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Ive been offline because I couldnt think of anything to say.  This country makes a mockery of its own arcane self.  It is now 6 weeks since the elections and there is still no government, Monti is still PM – and all the new new MP’s are drawing fat salaries.  And there will be no government, as we have it all neatly parcelled up into thirds.

30% to PD

30% to Berlusconi PDL

25% to Grillo and the rest to nohopers.

As Grillo will take his ball home and not play unless he is captain – theres a pretty conundrum, cos BErsani knows it would be political suicide to govern alongside Berlo.  Berlo would never dream of governing with Bersani, but heighho he’s in opposition so can say what he likes and is therefore being ‘responsible’ and saying he would do anything for the sake of the country.  Some of Grillos boys want to work with the PD, but most don’t.  Grillo is haemorhhaging support, and his only way of staying afloat is to sink these attempts as once there is a law on electoral reform and MP’s pay, most M5S voters will drift back to their original homes.

Meanwhile Bersani is drowning – but without the charisma to wave or splash.   Renzi is throwing hats into the ring like he wants to win a goldfish, and according to the polls would end up with 50% if he were leader – so Berlo is doing everything he can to stimie the rise of Matteo Renzi.  Bersani cant or wont accept defeat, so we are on course for a PDL and BErlusconi victory in June or July when the elections are held again.

In the meantime Napoletano has appointed 10 wise men to have a think.

So you see, there’s nothing I can usefully add…

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