Knock Knock

Its the last days of desperate arse saving diplomacy to decide who is going to be the next President of the Republic.  Forget the fact that it is now 55 days since the elections and tehre is no majoirty, no government, no PM, no policy.  Forget that all the highbrow words mask only one the fact that politicians only save themselves.  So here we are – Napolitano is set to retire and there is no agreemenet on the new Pres – unless it is the wikipediad Amato above.  The PD is about to implode – Renzi forcing Michael Foot Bersani’s hand and vetoing two candidates the latter supports.  Berlo just doesnt want Prodi.  The M5S want someone who isnt a politician.  Or Prodi.   Renzi wants to be PM and is pusbhing to destory Bersani so we can have elections in October.  Berlo doesnt want Renzi as he would lose.  Bersani wants to be PM – stalemate, which will be played out in the next 10 days with the elections for PResident.  These make the papal conclave seem like a snap judgement.  16 votes is not unheard of, and there are the first 3 or 4 which are just played out for the cameras, then the serious contenders enter the fray and all no holds barred.

Napolitano wants a woman Pres – so that would be Bonino.   But shes’s political.  By Itlaian law the president must be on his last legs – only huge age and dribbling convey a sense of state.  Prodi wont get it – too divisive (take note Thatcher funeral people) – and we must all hope that its not D’ALema who is an evil shit.   So there we are – the field is wide open.  It must be Sofia Loren!  ancient ad loved.

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