smoke and mirrors

We have a  government.  The new PD prime minster Enrico Letta has put together his cabinet which includes PDL (conservatives) Centrist Montiani and PD (Labour) ministers.  And just for fun theres a couple of technocrats in there.  The far left SEL and the Northern League will be in constructive opposition apparently, and theres not a look in for Grillo and the M5S.  So all of this hammered out in direct streaming, they would have us believe – although only M5S went for the televised option.   And where does it leave us?

Objectively its a government of ‘service’ which will start to pull the country out of its mess.  Realistically its a stop gap until Berlo wants elections, because he can still pull the plug in the senate when he likes.  Oh, and its a cycnical excercise to sideline the M5S by the major parties who were stunned by its success in the recent elections.

THe PD which is cracking and about to rupture has put in a couple of radical lefties and a Renziano but its an attempt to paper over the cracks.  The moment will arrive when Berlo presses to have immunity from prosecution, or try to have his sentences annulled, when it will all go to pieces.

Plus sides there are: 5 women in the cabinet, the first black minister – also a woman, mainly under 50’s which is a first given the gerontocracy in Italy.  A female university science prof given the portfolio of research – which is great in name, but given the black hole of finances wont mean much in practise.  and Emma Bonino as foreign minister – which is the best  news of all.   On the down side  Bankers and more bankers in the treasury, Letta is a Bildeberg lizard man with a nod to welfare,  Alfano got the interior so can put lots of pressure on people re Berlusconis court cases,  and Lupi got health – hes an odious self righteous catholic family man – so any progressive stance on health will be stimied immediately.

I give it 6 months.  elections in the autumn.   It is the 67th govt in 62 years I think – not bad going – when you think that each election costs around 300 million euros in todays money.

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