well that was nice…

A week of party politics taken to the max, the inevitable disintegration of the old/new left, and an old man reelected until he is an even older man.  Grillo shouts that there has been a mini coup, and advocates a march on Rome – not the cleverest thing to do – and his moderate supporters flee.

Bersani resigns, well he had to didnt he – he couldnt  lead a crocodile of brownies round a camp fire- and now we’re back at the beginning which is:

President of the Republic asking for responsibility and a government of responsibility.

Left wing hopelessly divided

Right divided but covering the cracks better and Berlo ullulating from the rooftops that he is the future, the responsible one, and btw anyone who tries to get law against him will make the government fall.

Grillo has taken his ball home and wont come out to play.  He is the largest party and therefore wants total power and control.  which given that he got 25% of the vote is a bit rich from a liquid democrat.

Today we will probably have a govt led by Amato – career politician who will employ other career politicians and nothing will change.

Renzi quite rightly, doesnt want to be elected just now – he would have to work with Berlo and that will ruin his future chances at healing the rift in the PD – so he will keep his head down and then come out in a blaze of lisping opposition when the time is right.  That will inevitably split the left – so  the radical rump will go off with Vendola and SEL and the right will stay with Renzi, take lots of wet Silvians and the centre ground and win easily.  Seen it all before – ask Tone – he’ll tell you how its done.

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