The pits, and the pendulum

This weekend has seen the nadir of Italian politics, if it were possible to sink further. On Saturday the lecherous old perv hosted a rally in Brescia against the communist judges. The pdl claimed that it was a normal electoral rally – (for which elections noone seems to know), and on that basis they wheeled out all the ministers, including Alfano, the home secretary, who by his presence made a total mockery of himself, the justice system and the political system.
How can a home secretary go to a rally against his own ministry, only because his boss has the Ruby sentence next week and is using all the means at his disposal to rubbish the judiciary. If enough people think he is innocent, he is innocent – is his argument, ignoring the fact that 99.9 percent of those who believe this watch his tv programmes, his news channels and read his newspapers. Hardly a balanced public opinion. Toad likened himself to Tortora – a shameful comparison, as Tortora was a brigadier of the carabinieri wrongly imprisoned for ten years on no evidence that was ultimately shown to be fabricated by his bosses who wanted him out of the way as he was too honest and good at his job. It is shameful that Berlusconi has the brass neck to liken himself to this man.

The other event of the weekend is the horrible vent in Milan. A. Ghanain of 31 years went on a walkabout with a pick and killed 1 and injured 4. Immediate thr Northern League disgusting attempt at logic. Despite the fact that the man was here with all permissions and completely regular he was imomediately denounced as being an illegal immigrant, and this moment of madness blamed on the new minister of integration herself a congolese Kyenge. Having a black minister for integration they claim is inciting racial division. Remember this name, she has already received death threats, there is grafiti in the north saying dont shoot carabinieri, shoot kyenge.

Utterly disgraceful and the NL are obviously guilty of inciting racial hatred airing their disgusting views on tv and in the press. But nobody does anything.

Can this place get any worse. Undoubtedly. Last night we had another hour long special from his nibs – 20 years of injustice against me – on Channel 4. It included interviews with Ruby whose story now resembles the autobiography of Mother Teresa, and bears little similarity to what she said at the time. Lawdelpus.

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