Things are getting bad if not worse. Mr Berlusconi (you will see the reason for my respect later) is preparing for an election. Yesterday the first thing the PDL suggested for the new government was the attempt to introduce a law against phone taps – as you can guess a thing of immediate importance to all of Italy and not only to a dozen members of parliament. Wild applause for thie public spiritedness.
22 people are being investigated, some have had police visits to their house, for writing their opinions on a Grillo’s blog. Opinons of the president of Italy. It is apparently no longer permitted to express an idea that could suggest that the reelected president of the republic is a bit old and past it, and may have, in his past, been involved in a deal with the mafia when he was in government. Allegedly. He’s 90.
To make up a mock photo of the president of the Commons, also brings a visit from the police and a prosecution.

From now on we must be careful what we say – although not Mr Berlusconis media outlets which can talk an utter load of crap. Its us mere mortals which are under threat… ho hum

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