Is grubby the right word?

A packed two days.

Sunday – Gabanelli the excellent journalist who does ‘Report’ did a programme about transparency.  5 star and Beppe Grillo came in for some hard questions about their party funding – cue howls from Grillo who says – ‘but we nominated her for president of the Repubblic’-  They did its true, and she refused the nomination.  All the same, its a bit rich saying ‘you cant say nasty (if true) things about us cos we’re your friends’.  She’s a bloody good journalist, and Grillo should be thrilled the media is doing its job well.

The Pope does an escorcism live on air in St Peters Square.  Repulsive hands on demo by pontiff while poor kid with cerebral palsy is scared and does facial contortions.  TV reports it as casting out devils.  Right thinking people vomit.

The PD table a nice new law.  Good-o, Italy is in such a mess let’s hope it something about work, creating jobs, helping people… oh no – its a law to make it legal only for established political parties to be in elections – thereby getting rid of 5 star in one fell swoop.  PUblic spiritedness – thats what you need.

The Vatican under this new pope has suddenly got all christian – Action on jobs screams the Cardinal in charge of screaming, help the poor people (from a Vatican spokesman – what is the world coming to?) and all worthy.  Except this double standard really annoys me.  The Vatican, as a separate state when it suits it, should not shove its nose into Italian affairs – Certainly michael Gove doesnt tell Italy how to ruin its education system, so why should the Church tell the state how to behave.    Italy is not allowed any say or even an opinion on the working of Vatican state, so despite the tone of the outbursts, its only fair to say ‘Cardinal – button it’

And its only Tuesday.  And grubby is the perfect word.

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