The 100 days – or nearly

Its now 90 odd days since the general election, and a goodly month since we have a government, if the bunch of self congratulatory smuggers can be called that.  And yet, strangely, nothing has happened.   In fact since Monti gave up on the ungrateful hordes 6 months ago they have enacted one thing – which is a postponement of a payment of a small part of a tax.  THATS IT:

So today should be all about Letta being decisive.  A new electoral law, and wholesale changes in the parliamentary system.  Except that there wont be.  The porcellum – the old law, is being retouched because the left and right cant reach agreement on it.  So, the maximum will bea  slight adjustment in the figures, but it will remain a highly undemocratic mess.  And there will be no consitutional reform.  Jeez this is a country where a drunk can mow down and kill 10 people at a bus stop and never spend a day in jail.  Because there is no law for killing people with a new fangled motorised vehicle while under the influence of mead.  And until they invent one they can’t punish anyone – thats how behind Italy is.  Its painful.

The Guardian talks today about the crimes against women in ITaly – and its true – every day there is a senseless murder by some pathetically jealous boyfriend or husband, though the events of last Friday are hard to believe.  A 16 year old boy stabbed his 16 year old girlfriend multiple times out of jealousy, then went home for a couple of hours.  Returned to the scene of the crime with a tank of petrol, found his girlfriend still alive and fighting for life, and proceeded to burn her alive.  At 16 years old for Gods sake – because she wasnt sure she wanted to continue to be his girlfriend.  What the f()%£?

Add to this the daily tally of suicides driven by the crisis, and the country is tearing itself apart.  Mothers and fathers who throw children from balconies, only to plunge after them, because they can’t see any future.     On top of this, the glut of teenagers who are killing themselves because of facebook bullying, homophobia, youtube spy movies and so – This is a deeply harmed society, even though on the surface they all seem so levelheaded.   And we have a government that after 100 days can’t agree on ANYTHING.

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