This is the future of the right in Italy.  She is being groomed, combed and slapped to protect the Berlusconi name in all its glory and to defeat Matteo Renzi and stop a communist takeover.   She is Marina – (cue thunderbirds/Captain Scarlett music) Mariiiiinnnaaaaa – Berlusconi, top daughter, head of Mondadori, faithful inheritor of the conflict of interest, and alleged (at least by Berlusconis magazines) sexy al round fabulous businesswoman and quasi Goddess.    She is taking lessons in being a politician and will be wheeled out at the next elections, which is a guarantee that Marina v Matteo will be a theme that will kekep Italy mired in the mire.  You can just imagine a political campaign paid for by Daddy and using her brothers tv stations, her other siblings magazines  – is going to be a scintillating political experience.   Time to call Scott and Virgil…. Which reminds me Mattee Renzi has a bit of that look about him…

Author: rammers

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