PM in the making

matteo-renzi-188808While mr Bean Matteo Renzi consolidates his position as leader in waiting for the left of centre coalitions, the fight is on to take over from Silvio on the right.

Mariiiiiiiiiiina is up there, enthusiastically supported by Miss Piggy, but the most vicious attack on her comes from the pugnacious little Brunetta, who wails that if she wants to start a dynasty she had better prove her worth.   Well, her worth is about a third of her dad’s when she inherits.  What more do you need?

Renato Brunetta – is a economist, but without much grasp of the subject. He makes Gideon look intellectual. He is currently the barking pug of the right, sent in by Silvio to defend his Masters Voice.  But now – in the not so subtle world of Italian politics – it looks like Brunetta has got designs of his own on the top job.   Watch this space—-


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