The bottom of the barrel.

The Kazak affair gets filthier, while the entire government closes ranks.   We now know that the horde of police who arrived to arrest the wife and child of the Kazak dissident, was made up largely of Kazak secret service thugs.  Not only – one two occasions prior to the ‘arrest’ and subsequent deportation, the Kazak ambassador was a ‘guest’ of the Police, checking out the villa where the dissident was hanging out, with highly technical surveillance equipment.  And that Alfano knew – despite his denials.

THe goverment in a vague attempt to stop political meltdown has all banded together in a coalition worthy of Mussolinis ‘parliament’ of 1926 to vote Alfano’s innocence – that is the left, right and all the bits in between vote to not have a confidence vote in a desperate attempt to keep their jobs.  Only Renzi is pissed off enough to say so.  Napolitano the president tries to bluff it out saying that its an appalling affair but the government comes first.  Like hell.  This is a crime against every international law going.  Italy will be hung out to dry by the international courts and Europe.  And deservedly so.  Its a disgrace, just to keep one of Silvios boys in his job until Berlusconi gets his new sentence and decides to call time on the whole pathetic house of cards.

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