an unearthly silence

The unearthly silence is self imposed – not a squeak from Berlo before the result ofhis appeal next week, and then all hell will break loose. If he is found guilty, then Italy will fall to bits – the right will scream commiefix and the left will ask how they can be in a coalition with a convicted fraudster, and Italy will fall into a pit of vipers. THats the best possible result, because the other options will see the left majority splinter into 1000 tiny pieces, and they will make their own government fall. Letta tells us there is no alternative to him, but as he has yet to DO SOMETHING, Im beginning to doubt it. The High Court have thrown out all the Monti reforms from 2 years ago as being unconstitutional, so what hope is left to actually reform the country. In the meantime we are at 54% fiscal weight, and 270 billion avoided in tax – and the government says its for necessity – some undoubtledly is, but make the distinction between the greedy bastards who filter millions off to offshore havens and the pensioner who opts to pay cash for a plumbers visit…

Author: rammers

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