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Now ex minister Bondi has declared that Italy could fall into civil war.   Can you imagine a country/political party that would instigate a civil war because a rich man siphoned off some payments through an offshore account?  Bondi is the ex minister for culture.  Under his tutelage Pompei started falling to bits, there were savage cuts to all branches of culture, the Bronzes of Calabria were taken away to be restored and have a new museum, which has yet to open because they forgot to put in an alarm system.  An old school Berlusconiano he has views along the Prince Charles lines and doesnt like modern art and architecture – which is typical for a culture minister.   After his civil war outburst, he was criticised by the PResidents office, and responded that he wouldnt be told what to say by the President.

Today we have a national demo by the PDL against the guilty verdict of Berlo.   They will be asking for a  ‘safeconduct’ for the DOM who can lead his party into the next election they are trying to engineer.  Failing that – see past posts – it is possible that Mariiiiinnaaaaaaa will be the figurehead for Forza Italia while Daddy languishes under house arrest.  He obviously is allowed to see members of his immediate family, but not politicians if he is banned from public office, so can conveniently kill two birds with one stone if his faithful daughter goes to visit him.    Its going to get dirty.

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