Da da da da, da da da da da da thunderbirds are go’

The old goat has given us 15 days.  If he is not given an amnesty, immunity or a grovelling apology within that time he is, by all accounts, to take his ball home and force elections in October with Marina at the helm, the idea being that he would win, and then go to prison.  To make a point.  And of course make it virtually impossible that he can be found guilty ever again on all the other trials he has coming up.  (Thats the real reason folks).  So, the day after Letta trumpeted the recovery is now under way because one young person had found a job cleaning up shit in Macdonalds we are to believe that it is an unstoppable force and even if BErlo walks off with half the government Italy will be A.OK.   Frankly it will be the shortest recovery in history – less than 2 weeks, and then it will al lgo pear shaped because as I never seem to tire of pointing out – the common criminal – as that s what he officiall now is – will hold the entire country to ransom for his personal problems.  If anyone dare vote for him on that basis I will have to have go round their house and have words – do not vote a common criminal as PM please, he is a lecherous old goat who needs to be banged up for a while-….. I can see that on an election poster, can’t you?

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