10 days

It seems that the lecherous one has had enough.   For three weeks the entire PDL has concentrated its efforts on getting the criminal off the hook.  If they dedicated the same time and effort to the country, what a difference it would make – instead they have neglected their wlell paid jobs, and spent 3 weeks pontificating about justice, and how Berlusconi should be saved/pardoned/let off etc because he is their leader.   You could argue that he is their leader because he wanted to flout the law with impunity, but the collective PDL brain couldnt understand logic, they work only on the emotive, suspect and frankly untrue.

So, DOM Silvio has given Alfano 10 days to save him or he is to bring the entire fragile edifice crashing down and force elections.  Letta said yesterday that any such move would not be forgiven by the Italians, but the collective memory is so short they cant even remember what they had for lunch.    Of course its not said there would be elections, the PDL (now Forza Italia reborn) has no majority – thee PD could scrabble together enough support to keep plodding on for a couple of months and get Berlo under house arrest, but the greater scheme of things will mean a behind the scene fix.

Apparently the presenile one has already recorded his tv address on why he is subjecting 60 million people to his personal whims.   That should be fun.  The parallels between Mussolini and Berlusconi are getting very close for comfort, perhaps he will form a republic in Lombardy and continue to be a tinpot dictator.    Whatever happens its going to go to the wire.

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