Silvio has recorded his video message apparently.  Like Mussolini he is going to address the nation, haranguing the poor Italians into believing that he has been mistreated.   He wants to make the government fall because he doesnt want to be punished for the crime he has committed.  I believe the word is ‘Diddums’  but on a larger scale.   The disgusting old lech is afraid that if he gets sent home from the senate he will suddenly be faced with a load of other requests for trials for various other illegal activities he may or may not have committed.  Such as buying senators votes.  Buying votes. Buying senators, Buying MPS. General shopping.

In the meantime, tucked away under news about Syria and  Silvio’s new bandana there is a rather disturbing story if you care about the Italian constitution.  Article 7 of the constitution says – The Church and the State  are independent and sovereign, and their relationship is governed by the Laterna Pacts. – i.e., Church does churchy things and the state doesnt.  Except that as we all know Italy is run by the Vatican, but it still is unpleasant to see it in print.  The ex head of the IOR who is under police investigation Mr Gotti Tedeschi, not being Italian, kept an extensive archive of all his correspondence – which the police now have – and how dispiriting it is.  A constant stream of emails and meetings between the vatican and the PDL about all manner of things not religious.  The HEad of RAI, how to keep the Church exempt from paying property taxes,  input on the ‘living will’ legislations.   When will a party have the guts to stand up to these people – it certainly wont be Renzi who will be kissing the nearest papal ring  within a few seconds of being elected.  Perhaps Italy needs a divorced, racist, sexist criminal as prime minister to help things along.   But they’ve tried that – and he’s just recorded a video message.

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