Miss saying

Apparently he didnt say that.  No matter that it was recorded, cited word for word and replayed on all the news programmes, Silvio absolutely denied every having said it.  A left wing plot to twist his words apparently.  So he won’t make the government fall after all.  He will support the government he says….. oh but then adds, if they vote against me, it would be pointless supporting them.  So not an ultimatum then, more of a private thought spoken out loud that could be construed as as ultimatum or just a reflection on the state of things.

We are told Silvio has a right to defend himself-   He did that, he was found guilty.  Three times.  Now he should be voted out the senate, but he wants to defend himself.  From what, Im not sure.  Hes talking about going to the European court of human rights.  He signed proposals for referenda yesterday tabled by the radicals – not just the referendum on the justice system, but also on drug use, prostitution, immigration.  The lot.  12 of them.  He says he’s for the people to decide, which is a bit rich given that as PM he chose to ignore all the results of all the referenda which according to the Constitution are binding.  Silvio binned the lot – and now wants them back again.

In the pauses between Silvio appearing on his tv stations, in the papers ‘owned by his brother’ , on the radios run by his son, and so on – Renzi has announced he would rather like to be PM, actually – if thats ok in a Hugh Grantly diffident sort of way.   All he needs now is to mow down the entire old guard of the PD and his way will be clear.  Alternatively he holds fire, waits for the inevitable fudge on Berluscooni being booted out the of senate, and then orders the falling on the sword of the left and starts again.   It might be easier that way.

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