He’s nearly 77 – he gets mixed up easily

Poor Silvio, he’s now completely out of touch with reality.  He is now saying that the left are staging a coup d’etat – but fails to remember that he isnt in government.  The left have what is commonly called a majority, Silvio – you lost the election, and therefore do not govern the country.  Capeeto?  So, basically old chum, telling your minions to resign if you get voted out, isnt really going to help you muchly.  Because you will just have some resigned MPs on your payroll – and the government can continue – because they have what is – in common parlance – called  a majority.   I know Silvio that this is a concept alien to you – the idea of a democracy that is.  I see that Forza Italia is not even pretending to be a democratic political party, but is just there to do your bidding – a private democratic party that has an autocratic leader isn’t really the answer is it?    And then you’re in a panic because your new trophy fiancee cant keep her mouth shut, and you cant sleep.  Poor poppet.  What is it Silvio?  A bit of old mans poo in your pants? I suspect so, you’re losing control of your muscles now, knowing that you will be arrested as soon as you get thrown out of the senate – a senate where you were anyway absent 99.8% of the time – but arrested you will be, because there is a queue of people all saying how you gave them vast amounts of money to pervert the course of justice.   This is what happens old mate – its politics.  And justice of course.  So – make your orcs resign, make them walk out of parliament – but it wont stop anyone this time – because you have no legitimate power to carry on ruining the country.   Tell you fiancee to find your geriatric nappies Silvio, you’re going to need them.

Author: rammers

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