the butler did it

Apparently all Silvios lackeys have signed their resignation letters ready to hand in if Silvio gets chucked out of the Senate. They’re talking about a coup d’etat- but forget that coup d’etat is about overthrowing a government. Silvio’s delusions of power make him forget that he isnt the government, he’s merely the opposition HAVING LOST THE ELECTION. Can you have a coup d’etat for one opposition senator? Typically the President of Italy says it’s a ridiculous attempt to force elections – and is accused of being threatening and partisan by the repellent Santanch√®.

Personally I hope they all resign – they wont get paid for one thing, which will make half of them think twice, and then there will be no opposition to water down any legislation and divert attention away from things that matter to Silvio’s personal problems – apparently he’s not sleeping well you know.

The desperation on Silvios part is because he knows damn well that as soon as he is no longer under parliamentary immunity he will be arrested for bribing MP’s which is a big, naughty crime and will tarnish the old goats image from hereon in. More problematic as the senator who was bribed has already given all the proof to the judges and went on telly yesterday spilling the fagioli. He was, apparently, used, abused and thrown to one side – for 3 million euros. Had he not been thrown to one side, he would have kept mum and spent the dosh. As it is, he decided to get his own back – perhaps 3 million wasnt enough for the greedy pig. For 3 million Di Gregorio caused the fall of the Prodi government and allowed the elections that Berlo won, and of course it wouldnt be Italy if the payment of this money hadnt come via bloke who’s been on the run in South America and who is best mates with the man who supplied prostitutes to an innocent and unknowing Berlusconi – according to the latters butler who has been doing the rounds of talk shows.

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