fingers in the dyke

pascale-cane-berlusconi-dudu_980x571This is Dudu and Pascale – one of which is the consort of Silvio.   According to tv interviews with her ex bezzie yesterday however, it would appear that not only does Silvio not love her, but she also has a bit of a sapphic tendency.  La Pascale is suing the tv programme and her ex bezzie for 10 million – and the PdL is up in arms.  It all comes down to more probs for the ancient saggy one – as not only will he lose his ‘Sir’ when he gets thrown out of parliament, but is likely to be promptly arrested.  So, he’s planning – after a whole 10 days of press silence – to create a storm and bring down the government. Again.  La Pascale was all part of his rehabilitation after Ruby but its fallen a bit flat as there is a new Ruby trial coming up, more revelations of various good time girls and la Pascale has created an inner inner circle to protect Silvio from outsiders – which has set some fur flying.   Berlo can’t abide the thought of being a pleb, a criminal pleb at that – and is preparing to fight false tooth and nail to protect his image.  Poor old goat cant quite see that his image is in tatters, and there is little to protect – but its not stopping la Pascale from fighting to protect her glossy OK image, which she has worked so hard to build.

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