six of one

Ive been quiet because Ive watching the red cross deliver food parcels in the UK and witnessed the giveaway of the Royal Mail which , at least until now, hasn’t happened in ITaly.   Instead we have our 77 years old wrinkled one and Dudu plotting to bring down the government.  Again.  So sure is Silvio that he will be voted out of the senate that he has decided that it’s time to show the rest of us what he’s made of – and apparently its not little aircompression pumps that fuel his ardour.    He is mightlily put out that he, Mr berlusconi, the big cheese and BSD is not being shown the respect he so richly deserves by the proles that he is going to bring the country crashing down around our ears.   It’s Putin’s fault – his best mate told him that he will end up like Tymoshenko, the Ukrainiain president who has been jailed on trumped up charges.   Berlo feels betrayed by half his party, the left, the right and the middle.   ANd, like Emperor Ming, he is vengeful – so watch out for the hot hail.

Author: rammers

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