He’s taken his ball home

Despicable Him, had a press conference yesterday afternoon and decided to plunge Italy back into the mire from which is slithered on 2 October.  Silvio cancelled the Popolo della Liberta and reformed Forza Italia, with him as President and all the other positions within the party cancelled.  Which means that Alfano is no longer important.  In fact the only person with any power is Silvio himself.  And he spent his press conference outlining that  FI has taken this decision due to the 20 year campaing against their president and resident God by the judiciary, and that any support for the government is now dependent on not throwing Silvio out of the senate.  So, as we knew really in the bottomy bits of our hearts, Silvio will do anything to stay in the senate, adn therefore unarrestable, even if it means setting up a new political party – which will cost him about 80 million euros in paying off the debts of the PdL.   He is now going all out to bring down the government, and have elections, on the basis that even if he is banned from running for public office, he will still be voted in and that will make the law an ass and he can take his Minglike revenge on all and sundry.  What he is forgetting is the fact that Renzi will probably be the labour candidate and at the moment has 60% of the vote.

It’s getting all a bit last ditch.

In the meantime I watched Russell BRand on NEwsnight and thought how pale it was as an imitation of the M5S and Beppe Grillo, our own loudmouth comedian.  All opposition is destructive, and the Grillo has proved excellent at being in opposition, as he can say what he likes – where the M5S has power it has proved itself completely ineffectual – partly no doubt because of the forces ranged against it – and partly (see Russell Brand) because it hasnt actually got any concrete proposals – just opposition.   Going back to when Ben Elton was funny, being in opposition is really easy peasy.  Its sorting out the mess when people place faith in you that brings the problems – something that the Italians have yet to realise.  The old saggy one was in power for 20 years and didn’t achieve anything apart from make sure he was pretty well unimpeachable.    What a pickle.

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