Pistols at Dawn

So, we have a committee that can’t decide on how to vote, a senate which must vote but don’t know how  A Senile old Goat who is planning on make it all come crashing down around our ears, because he refuses to be fed to the wolves.   The same old argument is trotted out by his supporters  – that it is inconceivable that a leader of  7 million electors can be denied the chance to represent them – forgetting the fact that he is a convicted criminal.  He also forgets this fact, as befits a 77 year old with a 30 year old ‘sapphic’ companion, and try as he might he just cannot convince his daughter to take on his mantle and stand as president.   So, he’s said that if the left vote to uphold the law and chuck him out of the senate, he will open the crisis and force elections – though none can quite see how.

Ultimately it’s all to do with Renzi, who if elected as PD leader will wipe the floor with the left and right and be unassailable for 5 years.  And that can’t happen, so its all hands to the pump to stop him.   Even Grillo is there, threatening to vote against the fall of Berlo, in order to spite the PD – if he does that then support for the M5S will disappear overnight and it will be like it never existed.

So we’re in a right old state.  Again.  This week.  Its all a bit dispiriting frankly.

Author: rammers

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