Democratic whatsit

Silvios gotta munk on as we would say in Yorkshire.  He’s not happy – livid in fact because there was too much democracy going on yesterday.  There was a vote, which was won by non Berlo people, and thats anti democratic.   They voted as to whether the committee which has to decide if Berlo should get thrown out of the Senate could vote in private or in public.  They voted for a public vote – which infuriated Silvio because any promises/cheques written on the qt, won’t have the desired effect.   Apparently its antidemocratic for the electors to demand the right to know what the people they have elected vote for, and supremely antidemocratic to not do things in secret.

So the upshot of all this democracy is that Silvio is demanding that all the slavish turds at his disposal get behind him and make the government fall because he wants to stay and play, and it doesn’t matter a monkeys toss that all our interests and work are directed towards saving one flaccid arse from a bit of well earned ignominy.

What Italy really needs, apparently, are elections to divert us from the real problems, and spend a tad over 600 million for nothing, and put the country into a holding mode for another 5 months.  Classic Silvio solution for a Silvio problem.  If we are very lucky he will be arrested merely hours after been voted off the senate – to howls of derision from the munchkins – but at leas if he’s under house arrest he can’t harangue us daily like some senile Harpy.

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