Pardon Me

Its not so much a request as an order.  The old letcherous  one is mobilising his dervishes for the big vote this week, and the end of the world.   We have a demo against the magistrates, Silvio will pass to the opposition and declare war on Italy and his entire tv network will be dedicated to showing us what a lovely man he is.   And he is demanding a pardon from the President – apparently, he shouldn’t even has to ask.

Yesterday he announced his ex chauffeur (a Mafia hit man) was a hero.  The proof by now of Berlo’s involvement with the Mafia in order to set up his construction business in Milan in the 80’s is patent.  In fact everything he has done has been for the good of Italy.  Even his entering politics.  What he omits to mention is that he entered politics to make himself immune from prosecution, not for any laudable public interest.  And now the game has caught up with him.

Once he voted out on Wednesday, we can confidently expect that he will be arrested – cue more howls of indication.  He will be charged with, amongst other things ,  more Ruby prostitution,  buying votes,  and possible even a mafia connected something just to dirty his image.   Expect a lot of documentaries on why he is a saint.   And watch out for Barbara – the daughter who is now managing Milan football – she and not her marionette sister Marina will probably be the next Berlo in politics.

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