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So the saggy ancient one has returned to his lair to sup on virgins blood or some such, and in the quiet moments we have before he launches an anti European tirade, let’s catch up on some other news.

The repellent Daniela Santanche has been found guilty of being deeply unpleasant and fined 1100 euros for ripping burquas of womens faces in an anti burqua protest on the last day of Ramadan a couple of years ago.  Poor lamb.  Not only is she a strident harridan, but now complains that she was treated like everyone else and didn’t get any special treatment in court.   La Santanche is lodged firmly in Silvio’s duodenum because she is in huge financial trouble.  She owns a publicity company that puts ads in papers – mainly the paper that is owned by her equally repellent boyfriend Sallusti (editor of Silvios family paper), and on Berlo’s tv channels.  But its gone tits up, which for a plastic surgeons dream like Daniela, is a tragedy.  So she’s been borrowing a bit of dosh to keep it afloat, mainly from her ex-husband (the plastic surgeon) and possible a bit from Silvio.  Doesn’t look like its going to help, so Daniela could be a bankrupt before long, which would fiscally go well with her moral status.

Trota – the loin fruit of arch prat Umberto Bossi, (ex leader of the Lega Nord) is being investigated not only in Italy for appropriating public funds to get a degree, but also in Tibljana where he managed to get a degree without attending a single lesson.  It cost 70 grand of tax payers money and allowed him to become a politician and be parachuted into various jobs by his dad.  Speaking of whom, it seems he has used the Lega Nords political contributions  as his own, to the tune of 4 millions, and is likely to be formally charged very soon.   So much for Roma Ladrona (Rome the thief), it seems that Umberto is beating the politicians at their own game.

Renzi is getting ready for the PD primaries to elect a new secretary next Sunday.  The old guard are doing everything possible to stop him – wheeling out wheezing old labourites to warn against his modernity, and changing the rules.   If he doesn’t get 50% next Sunday it goes to National Council filled with the aforementioned wheezers, who then vote in secret according to the wishes of people like D’Alema – a Mandelson figure.  So Renzi could very easily win, hands down, but not be elected because they don’t like him.  If this happens, we can confidently expect the PD to implode and allow Silvio to lead the all new Forza Italia 2 with fabric softener straight back to government.

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