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here’s the premise:  The President of Italy wants the government to sort out a new electoral law before he will allow new elections.

Progress – none.  For 3 years, they have done nothing.  Now the highest court in the land has declared the ‘porcellum’ electino law illegal, so it must be changed.  Napoletano can’t resign until its done.  The poilitical parties dont know what to do, as they all would like a different law that allows them to have a majority in parliament.

Current status – Matteo Renzi as new secretary of the PD has decided that its time to sort out this mess.  Hehas 3 different laws on the table, and says he doesnt care which is chosen as long as one is chosen.  His personal preference is the ‘sindaco’ law which extends the way local  elections work to a national level.  Nobody likes it.  Seeing that it must be a consensus, Matteo invited the old slimy one to a meeting. Howls of treason.  Berlo wants the spanish method – but with a twist – a bit of German PR thrown in.  Matteo says fine.  Half the PD are angry that Matteo talked to Berlo amd are threatening to vote against the bill.  Alfano is ready to talk.  For the first time in 4 years it could be that there could be a new election law that would allow elections to be held.

The new law – almost exactly the same as the current one.

Time for bed said Zebedee.

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