It’s all so quiet as Bjork would say – but why?  Well, its abig week for Silvio.  Not only does the Ruby appeal start on Friday (the one where he is sentenced to 7 years and excluded from public office for the rest of his born days), but then there’sthe other Ruby case – and the prostitutes from Bari case, and then his son has an appeal for Mediaset naughtiness.  Added to which his bezmate Marcello dell’Utri is now back in ITaly and in prison for being a mafioso, and there are uncomfortable whispers on that front for Silvio as more and more exMafia boys start talking.   So, the plan is to keep his head down and people will forget about his appalling criminal condition.   But, as we know, Silvio is incapabable of shutting the f up for more than a week.   He wants to be seen as ‘padre della patria’  a ‘father of the nation’ and to this end needs to be squeaky clean and to this end is plotting a new little treaty.  Silvio will deliver the reforms of the election law, the senate and so on, if he get pardoned and let off completely.   He knows that the current President isnt going to do this, so he’s working on the next one, who ship will come in next spring.  If he can get a new President to pardon him as a sort of welcome amnesty then he’s laughing.  Of course even Silvio cant second guess who will become President so there’s an awful lot of wheeler dealing to be done between now and Xmas.  So the silence is only a cover as Silvio sends his lackeys to prepare the ground .

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