Big Day

Today’s a big day for Silvio – we are to find out whether his sentence for 7 years for abuse of power re Ruby will be upheld.   Here’s a quick guide to Italian politics and state – 1.  If they judges uphold the sentence, then the agreement between Renzi and Berlo will cease to exist.  2. If there is a significant lowering of the sentence – to about 2 years then teh reforms agreed between Berlo and Renzi will go ahead.  Obviously, it is unthinkable that politicians should meddle in the workings of the judicial process, so we must assume that any reduction in the sentence is due entirely to the fact that Silvio did not call the night officer and demand that Ruby (as a minor and prostitute) be entrusted to Nicole Minetti because she was related to President Mubarak, but merely asked for information resulting the in fact that Ruby (as a minor and prostitute) was entrusted to Nicole Minetti because she was related to President Mubarak.

Renzi has been dragging things out to keep his leverage up – and if it all goes tits up – (see Minetti) is making clucking sounds to the M5S to get them on side – but its all a filthy mess, and just shows that justice and politics in Italy are merely side shows for who wields the real power.

Talking of which – The film company who shot Gomorra the series in Naples are being investigated for having paid bribes to the Camorra.  They rented a bosses house for 60.000 – a bargain, as to recreate such a horrendously kitcsh and disgusting house would have cost a fortune – but then also had to pay the pizzo and a bit under the table.  They claim ignorance – but it would be the first time a film crew didnt pay to keep the equipment safe.

And then theres the story of Oppido and the Ndrangheta priests.  We’ve had a public outpouring of mea cukpas from the bishops who have banned the walkabouts for a while, but nothing has been done about the troublesome priest – who went on record saying that there was nothing wrong in what he did – only for it to turn out that he’s related (cousin) to the Ndrangheta boss.  Time for Francesco to have a clear out of the preisthood – but it seems he’s very good a talking and not much cop at actually doing anything, except for making the role of excorcist  official and paid.  Good reactionary Jesuit then,  strange that the Vatican press office is spending so much energy telling us how modernist he is.    I have a little useful tip for him – Excommunicating people doesnt make them get all weepy and tearful about going to hell.  Having them arrested and thrown in jail does that.


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