A kick in the crutch

Silvio’s broken his foot.  Getting out of his car.  Apparently.   We are told via a press conference that Uncle Steptoe twisted his ankle while getting out of his chauffeur driven car and is consequently confined to Arcore with no public appearances for the next twenty days.  It would be unkind to suggest that it is a highly convenient injury as these are two pretty hectic weeks in the life of Mr Toad.  He is due to regain his political life (and title of Cavaliere) on 7 March, whilst on the 9th we are to hear if all his Ruby woes are to be reopened due to his (allegedly) bribing the witnesses.  Given that various of the interested parties havee been giving fresh testimony to the Public Prosecutor, and the leaks have inferred that there is enough proof to reopen the trials even without the turncoats, Silvio may be doing the right thing by hiding away for acouple of weeks.   To add to his woes, the rats are deserting the sinking Forza Italia ship in droves, to the Mixed Group on the left, or to the Lega Nord on the right.

Silvio’s MEdiaset has also jumped into the ring to buy the national system of tv antennas and broadcasting, which has been received coldly by the government who announced swiftly that only 49% could ever be sold off as the government must remain a majority shareholder.  Given the strange movements of RaiWay shares over the last month, its all now being investigated.   Mondadori (books) another Berlo company is also probably to be stopped from buying up the third biggest book company in Italy which goes against the monopolies commission guidelines.  All in all its a good week for Toad to put his foot up.

Other shameful news – the head of the Palermo chamber of commerce, VP of Palermo airport, member of the antimafia commission and ‘anti bribes’ commission has been arrested while taking a 50.000 euro bribe.  He needed the money, he squealed, as his house is being repossessed.   Given that he has 3 or 4 salaries from his various jobs, you must wonder how he managed to be so financially incompetent to not pay his mortgage.

Captain Schettino – he of the Costa Concordia, sentenced to 16 years in ‘primo grado’ and not in jail has been stung by the LeIene programme.  In a move worthy of the Suns best, LeIene got his agent to accept Schettino  appearing on the Italian Im a Celebrity Get me out of Here, for a derisory 2 million fee, which should be paid into a Brazilian bank account.   The agent happens to be the son of Schettino’s lawyer – who has now resigned his charge, and Schettino himself brazenly said that he had accepted the offer in order to publicise the sting.   Now it seems he is a flight risk and may be put under house arrest at the very least.

The beardy Salvino – head of the Lega Nord and other Matteo in ITaly at the moment, had a rally on Saturday in the centre of Rome, happily sharing the stage with Casa Pound – the fascist movement that noone else will touch with a barge pole.  A mere week after Silvio pleaded with the Lega to stand on a joint ticket at the elections, and was rebuffed – Forza Italia declared Salvini to be dangerous and far too right wing for them.  As they say, a week is a long time in politics.

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