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It seems that one of the Olgettine – the girls who were table decorations at Silvio’s Arcore pad, has written to the judge in the Ruby case saying that she wants to talk.  Now this may be an about face, as she has a child and doesnt want to bebanged up for numerous years, or its her way of telling Silvio to up the dosh and pay her more than her current wage, house and nail art if he wants her to keep shtumm.   To coincide with Silvios pickle on this one, is the investigators latest bombshell – Ruby has, it seems, apartments, a restaurant, and some shops in a rather upmarket resort in MExico, except that nobody can quite understand how she came to have the ready cash to buy these baubles.  Of course she once wrote in her diary that Silvio had promised to give her 4.5 million euros if she kept quiet and behaved, but then she said it was a lie and she made it up.  Poor Ruby, she can’t make up he property portfolio though, and the fact that although unemployed she spends 1500 a month on a babysitter for an 8 hour day.    The greatest revelation is that it has taken the investigators four years to discover that she is living it up in a manner to which she definitely wasnt accustomed.   As Spinelli – Silvios accountant – is now helping police with their enquiries, explaingin how he has given houses, apartments and fistfuls of cash to the girls involved, it seems that the whole house of cards is beginning to topple

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