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Its enough to make your blood hubble and bubble frankly. lupi-maurizio

It’s not that the fragrant Maurizio Lupi, the squeaky clean hyper Catholic minister of Infrastructure, and coalition lapdog in the NCD (the breakaway frond of Forza Italia which currently keeps Renzi in power), has been caught bang to rights.  Lupi has been, through his moralistic high ground Catholicism, in the last 6 governments but now it seems his grubby fingers have been in the till.  It all comes down to the Expo – the shambolic world fair that is due to open in 40 days and is still being built.  It seems that the main investors and contract holders have been keeping Lui sweet with Rolexes, suits and air tickets, as well as a job for his son and lavish Xmas hampers.  As Lupi has been in charge of the ruinously expensive TAV tunnel under the Alps, the ruinously expensive tunnel in Tuscany, the ruinously expensive Expo and other ruinously expensive public contracts over the last years, its no surprise that Lupi was caught in parliament the other day wearing two watches.  After days of procrastination, he has resigned – ‘with his head held high’ – as he says he isn’t reponsible for the decisions of his wife and son.

Nor is it that head of the NCD and former lackey of Silvio, Angelino Alfano of ‘where’s wally’ fame is fighting a rearguard action over the new corruption bill in parliament, where he is desperately trying to stop the terms of prescription for crimes being lengthened.  He says, as home office minister, that it would mean trials going on too long.

Of course it may mean that most of his party would be in court for the next god knows how long, and he fails to suggest, as home office minister, that perhaps the solution would be to make the justic system more efficient and conclude trials more quickly.  What he does mean is that a crime ceases to be a crime after 10 years, and therefore should not be punished.  Obviously being a crypto Catholic he is trying to make the law fit into the confessional pigeonhole, that says whatever you do in the week is fine as long as you confess it on a Saturday.Alfano5924_img

It’s not even the fact that Ruby Rubacuore went off to Arcore last December, unbeknownst to all (except perhaps Francesca Pascale – who went off to Madrid leaving Silvio alone for Xmas).   Francesca has ditched the attempts to become Grace Kelly, and has now opted for the jilted lover look.

Francesca Pascale++ Cav,patto Nazareno? Debito pagato a nostra coerenza ++


What has really raised the blood temperature is the latest shenanigans in Agrigento – home of the above mentioned Alfano.  The primaries for the PD have resulted in the official PD candidate being a certain Alessi, sponsor of the local football team and lifelong Berlusconi supporter and Forza Italia activist, who using all the football team supporters to vote for him has managed to become the official PD candidate.  It looks like a win win for Uncle Steptoe, who is going to embarrass Alfano and possibly get a lackey into government, where he will immediately cross the floor back to Silvio’s side.

This man, has demolished in short waddling steps, the tiny advances made by Agrigento over the last years which had elected a young antimafia mayor. Alessi has announced that the mafia doesnt exist in Agrigento, which can only mean that he takes no notice of anything that he doesnt put in his mouth, or he is being economical with the truth for reasons known to himself.

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…..”




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