Nice logo, shame about the place

In less than a month there will be the glorious opening ceremony of Expo 2015.  You may never have heard of this, it’s not the Olympics after all, which is just as well.  Back in long ago 2008 Italy was awarded the Expo and the choice of theme.  The World Fair updated for the 21st century.  Lots of countries exhibiting the best of themselves with the host coming out on top.  Except that this is ITaly.  Once awarded the prize of hosting it, the powers that be did very little except to source a brownfield site on the outskirts of the ugliest bit of Milan (Millenium Dome scenario come flooding back?).   expo-2015-milan1

Nice designs,  good logo, very Italian flair and very Italian lack of concern for timing.  So here we are, 27 days to the opening and its not ready.  The park isnt ready, the pavilions are not ready, the roads, parking, trains, and cycle tracks are not ready, and on 1 May ITaly will be judged.   Some countries have got their pavilions ready, its just that to get to them you will have to walk across a builders yard.  2 million euros has just been made available for ‘camouflage’ ie – hiding everything that isnt ready.  THe iTalian Pavilion, the beacon of hope under Renzi – will officially not be ready and be half closed.   Its going to be the event that will make Italians hang their heads in shame – except that it has cost 10 billion euros – amongs which there have been eye wateringly high bribes,  organised crime, the usual sweeteners and back rubbing, and finally the head of the minister responsible a couple of weeks ago.   But it wont help, because the theme of the Expo is food – lovely glorious sustainable agriculture – and none of it is ready ,except the MacDonalds franchise presumably.    50 million euros was set aside for ‘communication’  – and it resulted in this:

expo-fiera-milanoNuff said.  Welcome to Italy and Expo 2015.


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