Groundhog day

Poor aged Silvio, he is now so addled with age he contradicts himself from one sentence to the next.  But something is a’brewin.  He’s been increasingly vocal in the last few days – and his news programmes on the Mediaset channels have been showing photos of an ever younger Berlo, from at least 1990.  Yesterday he gave one his rambling monologues to the cameras where he announced he was retiring from politics, only in the next sentence to tell us that he had to remain in politics as an elder statesman. This interminable bloating of his ego has to do with the regional elections which are set to show a Forza italia at an all time low of about 4% – not even enough to be elected to parliament wtih the new electoral law.    The bouffantly hirsute Raffaele Fitto has exploded and announced his resignation from Berlo’s party, and from the European parliament where he is a deputy, and blamed the whole thing on Berlo.  Silvio for his part is thrilled at his departure, but as both Fitto in his Forza Italia and Berlo and his Forza Italia are both standing for election in Puglia (from where Fitto brings his block vote) it could be a disaster for Silvio.   It seems now that Pierluigi and Marina are bankrolling Berlo’s party, keeping it in the family for the future, while we are subjected to the unedifying spectacle of Uncle Steptoe telling us that he has been the victim of a coup d’etat, and when not opening childrens hospitals in various parts of the world, has been fighting to clear his name in trials that have been fabricated to dirty his name.   Its only going to get uglier and uglier.  Talking of which then ‘leader’ of FI is  Toti who until 2 years ago was the director of news for Berlusconi’s channel 4. He was immedialtely parachuted into the Europarliament and is now standing for election in the regionals – proving himself to be an able if unpleasant mouthpiece for the aged Steptoe – but it could be that even he will lose against the  Lega Nord which is doing rather well with the beardy Salvini – man of the people – Farage type.

Meanwhile the labour party is riven withinternal strife over the schools reform, the pensions reform, the electoral reform and any other reform they can tweet.  Obviously Silvio tells us that there wont be an election any time soon as its not conveniente for the PD or the M5S, conveniently forgetting with his goldfish brain, that an election for the FI would be a wipeout and not to be encouraged.  INstead he rails against Renzis reforms, which he

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