the fog is clearing

In preparation for a wipeout at the elections next week, Silvio has opened an instagram account sharing photos of Francesca, Dudu and his blessing grateful pensioners.   He has decided that shortly he will annoint his successor – there will be no choice or democracy in the vote- Steptoe himself will decide who will fill his lifted shoes.  Forza Italia will be no more, it will die with Berlo’s graceful retiring from the scene to be remembered as a turning point in Italian political history.  instead the DOM will form a new party, a republican party for moderates and be its Mourinho while another does the running up and down the pitch.   Who will it be?  Francesca wants Marina, but Silvio doesn’t apparently. Which means that he does, and she doesnt probably, or that he doesnt but she does and he doesnt want to let his daughter steal his limelight.  What he has failed to grasp as he gives the kiss of death to FI and assures their demise by rehabilitating the convincted camorra boss Nick ‘u’americana Cosentino is that no one no longer cares.   Except theFI candidate in Campania who has seen his support go down the pan, as Silvio said that Nick had been treated badly by the courts and was still his friend.   Its patently obvious that Berlusconi is now doing his best to ruin the election for his party, so he can start afresh, and claim that without him at the helm it cannot win.   Its just that nobody else dare utter the words — Its like Greece voting for Cyprus.  we all know it will happen but frankly cant be arsed to get worked up about it.

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